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A Collection of Historic Acts and Declarations.

A Collection of five Historic Acts and Declarations. Collection consists of five individually bound volumes: Vol.1: An Act for the Attainder of the Rebels in Ireland. (1657) / Vol. 2: A Declaration of His Highness The Lord Protector and the Parliament of the Commonwealth of England, Scotland and Ireland, for a Day of Solemn Fasting and Humiliation in the Three Nations. (1656) / Vol. 3: An Act for an Assessment at the Rate of Five and Thirty thousand Pounds by the moneth upon England, Six thousand Pounds by the Moneth upon Scotland, and Nine thousand pounds by the Moneth upon Ireland, For Three Years from The Twenty fourth of June 1657. / Vol. 4: An Act and Declaration Touching several Acts and Ordinances made since the Twentieth of April 1653. and before the Third of September 1654. and Other Acts. / Vol. 5: An Additional Act for the Better Improvement and Advancing the Receipts of the Excise and New-Impost (1657).

Five Volumes. London, Henry Hill and John Fields, 1857, Vol. 1: (2), 24 pages, (50 blank pages) / Vol. 2: (2), 5 pages, (74 blank pages) / Vol. 3: (2), 28 pages, (50 blank pages) / Vol. 4: (2), 40 pages (not consistently numbered), 50 blank pages) / Vol. 5: (2), 61 pages (2). Vol. 1-4: Modern three-quarter dark blue leather with blue cloth boards. Some gilt line decorations to boards. Gilt titel and decorations on spine. (Bindings by Period Binders, Bath, England) / Vol. 5: Modern half-leather with pale blue cloth. Gilt line decorations on boards. Gilt titel and decorations on spine. Very good condition. Bindings for vol.1-4 as new. Binding for vol. 5 with some shelf wear, some staining and discoloration to boards. The actual acts show age darkening, browning and occassional foxing. Edges are darkened. Pages have small tears and small amount of paper loss, but not affecting the actual text. A few pencil lines. A very handsome collection in tasteful bindings.

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